Adult IO Leg Skin 205-10250 – Laerdal – New

SKU: LAE205-10250


This purchase comes with 3 pieces of replacement skin for the Adult IO Leg.

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Laerdal – Adult IO Leg Skin is a replacement sleeve for the Laerdal – Adult IO Leg

Laerdal is determined to provide a realistic simulation of a rescue. With the amount of variables that come into play when saving someone (such as blood and veins and bones), Laerdal is determined to bring every variable possible into a simulation to grow the knowledge of students and professionals around the world.

About the Adult IO Leg:


  • Palpable landmarks at the proximal tibial tuberosity site facilitate proper site location.
  • Simulated tibia provides realistic resistance as needle enters the bone marrow cavity.
  • Simulated marrow can be aspirated for verification of needle placement.
  • Medication administration and volume infusion supported up to 1000ml.


  • Leg can be used as stand-alone trainer or articulated to the Laerdal SimPad PLUS Adult Manikin series.
  • Lifelike leg with replaceable tibial IO module.
  • Leg skin cover with hook and loop fasteners for rotation of injection site & ease of skin change.

Have a question about this device? Or need a replacement part other than the Laerdal – Adult IO Leg Skin? Master Medical Equipment’s friendly and knowledgeable representatives are here to help you find the solution that will fit your needs. Give them a call at 866-261-8402. We also recommend ReNew Biomedical if there is a problem with your device. ReNew Biomedical is an ISO 13485:2016 Certified company, so you can trust the team to give you the best service possible and as efficiently as possible.



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