Philips PageWriter TC70 Diagnostic ECG – Recertified


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The Philips PageWriter TC70 Diagnostic ECG is Philips Medical’s current production model ECG machine. It an extremely intuitive machine with simple operation that is as easy as 1-2-3.


Features of the Philips PageWriter TC70 ECG

Visual Guidance to Simplify ECGs

The PageWriter TC70 ECG is extremely simple to use with light-up button prompts to guide you through the ECG process as seamlessly as possible. This simple ECG process accompanied by a high-resolution 15′ touchscreen streamlines ECGs.

Philips DXL ECG Algorithm opens earlier diagnostic opportunities

Philips Medical XL 15-Lead ECG algorithm provides strong ECG interpretations and a suite of advanced STEMI diagnostic aids to help with interpretation regardless of the patient populations. This algorithm includes Critical Values, ST Maps, and culprit artery identification to help with diagnosis. The delivery of these values helps speed the delivery of urgent care.

Additionally, clinicians can save time with automated ECG report sequences that can wirelessly transfer ECG data to streamline the process. The PageWriter TC70 also gives clinicians previous ECG data at their fingertips to allow for quick comparisons.

Accurate Lead Placement with the help of the TC70

An anatomic patient model interface module aids with correct lead placement. LeadCheck help support by Philips Medical also provides a layer of protection in the case of incorrect lead placement.

Advanced Network Communication for Philips PageWriter TC70

The Philips Medical PageWriter TC70 ECG machine fits effortlessly into your current IT infrastructure by adopting industry standards such as DICOM, XML, PDF reports which are available through wireless LAN, modem, or fax. The option of wired connectivity through LAN is also available for a more secure transfer of patient, staff, and financial information.

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 10 in