Ambu Adult SPUR Bag Reservoir Medium Mask Peep Valve Case of 6 520611001 – Ambu

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SPUR II Resuscitator with Medium Adult Mask, Oxygen Reservoir Bag, 84″ Tubing and PEEP Valve.

This purchase includes a case of 6 Spur II Resuscitators.

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Ambu – Adult SPUR Bag Reservoir, Medium Mask, Peep Valve, Case of 6 – 520611001

  • Provides users with exceptional tactile and visual feedback during resuscitation
  • Bag walls are thin and responsive, enabling user to better gauge patient lung compliance during ventilation
  • SafeGrip surface, integrated handle, and lightweight design help to reduce user fatigue
  • For single-patient use
  • Made from an SEBS polymer instead of PVC

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    Ambu Adult SPUR Bag Reservoir PEEP Valve No Mask Case of 6 520600001 – Ambu

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  • SPUR II Pediatric Resuscitator Bag Reservoir without a mask.

    Ambu Pediatric SPUR Bag Reservoir w/o Mask Case of 6 530600000 – Ambu

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