Pediatric Resuscitation Kit With Mask Oxygen Reservoir Tubing Case of 6 2K8008 – Carefusion

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The AirLife Resuscitator Bag with Nasal and Oral Mask is a trusted brand of self-inflating resuscitation devices. AirLife oxygen accessories provide a variety of self-inflating options for adult to pediatric to support patients who are not breathing or who have shallow breathing.

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The high performing resuscitator bag is disposable for single patient use to avoid cross-contamination. The bag is low-profile and textured making it easier for caregivers to grip. The double-swivel elbow is an important design feature that allows the caregiver to conveniently position the tubing as needed.

The kit includes Peep valve, manometer or tubing, expiratory filter, mask, reservoir, pressure-relief valve and a colorimetric CO2 detectors to check expired CO2 for up to 24 hours.

The Resuscitator Bag is made of PVC material and is latex-free to avoid possible reaction to latex.

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