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The newest addition to the Corometrics family of fetal monitors from GE Healthcare, Model 172 twins external fetal monitor with Nautilus ultrasound and toco transducers (loop style).
GE designed the cost-effective Corometrics 170 Series Fetal Monitors to help you make quick, accurate clinical assessments.
The Corometrics 170 Series:

  • Alerts you to fetal heart rate concerns
    • The fetal heart rate alarm provides both audible and visual alerts if the heart rate is higher or lower than the range you set as normal.
  • Helps you place the transducer
    • Independent volume controls make it easier to locate the transducer for most effective monitoring.
  • Can monitor multiple heart rates
    • There is an option to monitor twins.
  • Displays important information prominently
    • The large, easy-to-read LCD display clearly presents information about fetal heart rate and uterine activity.
  • Offers portability
    • An optional mobile roll stand cart lets you transport the monitor and all of its necessary accessories.

What's Included:

  • All transducers
  • belts
  • cables
  • leads
  • and start up accessories
  • plus 1 year warranty from GE Medical
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The Corometrics 172 monitor features large LED displays allowing easy, at-a-glance confirmation of fetal heart rate and uterine activity. The 170 Series offers 9-Crystal Pulsed Doppler Ultrasound technology providing a wide-beam profile for high-quality fetal heart rate detection. The GE fetal monitor includes standard Z-fold paper and an interface for the optional Model 146 Fetal Acoustic Stimulator. The 170 Series is available in single (Corometrics 171) or twin (Corometrics 172) models.

Additional features the Corometrics 170 Series Doppler Fetal Monitors include: Fetal high/low threshold alarms Heart rate offset on twins monitors clearly separates heart rates with the 10 minute option Heartbeat Coincidence on twins monitor to be sure you are not monitoring the same fetus twice Fetal Movement Detection Option – monitors gross fetal movements and automatically records them on the strip chart paper Large LED’s for ease of use Independent volume controls with twins monitors Standard Z-fold paper Two (2) Standard RS232 interfaces for CIS and NIBP Model 340 Telemetry interface  Interface with OxiFirst Fetal Pulse Oximetry (OxiFirst from Mallinckrodt, Inc.) 1 Year Factory Warranty from GE Medical

The GE Corometrics 172 Fetal Monitor for Twins package includes:

All transducers, belts, cables, leads, and start up accessories, plus 1 year warranty from GE Medical. Call us today for the Best Price on the GE Corometrics 172 Fetal Monitors! Leasing options are also available.

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