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This 3 fl.oz Simulated Umbilical Blood is intended for use with the Premature Anne Training Manikin from Laerdal.

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About Premature Anne Task Trainer by Laerdal Medical:

Anatomically accurate
Realistically proportioned preterm infant

Realistic airway functionality
Designed to train airway management including the placement of an ET tube

Realistic training experience
Premature Anne facilitates training of resuscitation skills for preterm infants born at the limits of viability

Supports delivery of AAP neonatal resuscitation
The features of Premature Anne are aligned with the objectives of the NRP course curriculum

Lightweight and portable
Premature Anne is highly mobile for use in multiple clinical settings and in transport scenarios

Airway features

  • ET tube insertion
  • Right mainstem intubation
  • Positive pressure ventilation
  • Sellick maneuver
  • NG/OG tube insertion

Vascular access

  • Umbilicus with venous and arterial access
  • Internal fluid reservoir

Breathing features

  • Chest rise and fall with mechanical ventilation

Dry pre-ported IV sites for practice of placement

  • Right saphenous vein
  • Dorsum of left hand
  • Left antecubital fossa

Build Confidence in Handling Pre-Term Births

The 10 minutes after birth are critical for all babies, especially for those born prematurely. With preterm birth complications being one of the leading causes of death among children under five, being prepared for the various scenarios is vital.

Developed in collaboration with the American Academy of Pediatrics, Premature Anne authentically represents this unique challenge for clinical preparation and skill development.

An anatomically correct manikin of a baby born at 25 weeks, Premature Anne helps healthcare professionals to:

  • refine standard practices for various challenges presented in premature newborns
  • integrate the latest technologies into preterm infant training programs
  • master the skills needed to care for preterm infants, improving patient outcomes


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    Premature Anne Task Trainer, 290-00050 – Laerdal

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