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Newport HT70 Plus Ventilator combines ruggedness, ease of use, and clinical proficiency with exceptional mobility for patients from 5kg to adult. All models of the Newport HT70 ventilator family can be used for home care, transport, hospital, long-term care, and emergency preparedness, as well as for invasive or noninvasive ventilation.

In addition to its standard clinical features, the Newport HT70 Plus Ventilator offers an on-airway flow sensor that provides expanded monitoring with alarms and the choice of flow or pressure trigger. With waveform graphics, an oxygen cylinder usage calculator, and an internal battery use time estimator, the Newport™ HT70 plus ventilator goes beyond standard portable ventilation.

Newport Medtronic – HT70 Plus Ventilator

The Newport HT70 Plus Ventilator is a totally self-contained pressure/volume ventilator; there is no need for external compressed gas from a compressor or an air cylinder. With its patented, dual-piston gas generator and internal battery capability, the Newport™ HT70 plus ventilator is truly portable, making it ideal for use in a wide range of environments.

The Ht70 Plus uses a micro-piston, dual-piston pump that runs cool and quiet, is gas efficient, and provides consistent volume delivery for patients from 5kg through adult.

The hot-swappable Lithium-Ion battery provides up to 10 hours of operation at standard settings and can be fully recharged in only three hours.* This battery technology gives users the extended use time they need for transport or in case of a power emergency. Using an extra fully charged hot-swappable Power Pac battery allows for virtually continuous operation.

The integrated internal Power Pac battery is hot-swappable for continuous battery operation. Changing out the Power Pac battery does not interrupt ventilation.
The Battery Time Estimator feature allows users to gauge battery use time based on each patient’s settings.
The patented internal gas generator allows for efficient use of oxygen and the Cylinder Use Time Calculator feature helps users plan for cylinder requirements.

Whether you are starting a patient on Bipap in the ED or you need invasive ventilation in the ICU, the HT70 Plus has a broad range of ventilation capabilities to treat all levels of acuity for your infant (>5Kg) through adult patients. Ventilation modes include, but are not limited to AC, PC, SIMV, SPONT, NIV, and more. The HT70 Plus also gives the clinician the ability to control ventilation and patient comfort through the HT70 Plus’ waveforms on pressures, flow, and volume.

The Newport HT70 Plus Ventilator patented micro-piston pump allows it to operate as a self-sustaining portable ventilator that doesn’t require external compressed gas or the use of a cylinder. The HT70 also comes with multiple power source options, including a 10 hour hot-swappable Lithium battery with a 30 minute backup reserve or a traditional AC plus option for longer duration use. The HT70 Plus also has several portability accessories to choose from, including the HT70 Cruiser Cart, a small, convenient Cruiser Bag, or a portable basket with hooks that allow the vent to clip onto the side of your patient’s bed or wheelchair for maximum mobility

The Newport Medtronic – HT70 Plus Ventilator has unsurpassed performance and reliability. The HT70 Plus was designed using military-grade plastic with the ability to give it durability at a weight of only 6.9kg.

Ventilators are classified as life-critical systems so reliability is the primary concern when selecting one.

MME trusts Allied Healthcare Products and Carefusion  to supply the most reliable Ventilators on the market so that we can bring them to our customers with 100% confidence.



  • An on-airway flow sensor provides more choices for ventilation — inspiratory or expiratory monitoring and alarms, flow or pressure trigger.
  • The hot-swappable battery provides up to 10 hours of operation (depending on settings). Batteries can be swapped out on the go for extended operation and added freedom without interrupting ventilation.
  • The Battery Time Estimator provides added peace of mind during transports.
  • Built-in oxygen monitoring and alarms alert users to changes or disruptions when using supplemental oxygen.
  • The Cylinder Use Time Calculator helps estimate how long oxygen will last when on the go.
  • The full-color touch screen provides easy access to all controls, simple navigation, and a help guide for added convenience.
  • With its rugged and reliable construction, the ventilator is designed to withstand rough treatment in a wide range of environments.
  • A patented gas generator runs cool and quiet, is gas efficient, and provides consistent volume delivery.
  • Advanced features such as Alarm Quickset, custom presets, and custom backup ventilation make this an exceptional portable ventilator.
Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 11 in


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