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The Bellavista 1000 Ventilator offers adult and pediatric support with a powerful turbine, highly configurable user interface and lung protective features.

Read more about the Bellavista’s specifications in Vyaire’s Bellavista Catalog.

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The Bellavista 1000 Ventilator is a next generation ventilator that combines cutting edge technology to bring you simplicity in clinical practice. This next generation ventilator combines cutting edge technology to deliver simplicity in clinical practice and support daily challenges across care settings.

  • Minimizing respiratory distress through advanced synchronization
  • Reduced workload for clinicians through monitoring features like AnimatedLung and VentSummary
  • Versatility with modes of ventilation to support adult and pediatric patients greater than 6 kg

This purchase includes:

  • iFlow 200S proximal flow sensor
  • expiration valve mount
  • exhalation valve with L-connector
  • expiration valve adaptor
  • Easy lung 1L
  • non-heated dual limb circuit
  • bacteria filter
  • 02 Hose
  • O2 adapter connector
  • power cable
  • user manual

State of the art technology with streamlined hardware that’s compact, powerful and durable. Offering robust performance with peak flows up to 260 L/min. Software intelligence that’s clinically proven and highly responsive.

User-centric design that’s as customizable, navigable and intuitive as using a smartphone. Compact hardware allows the user to ventilate on the go during intra-hospital transport with 4-hour battery life and easy-steer transport cart.


  • Configurable to meet the needs of any clinical practice.
  • Simplified, preventive maintenance for a low cost of ownership.

Simplified preventive maintenance for a low cost of ownership 12 Month interval: Check battery life, calibration and functional testing, replace filter kit (turbine inlet filter, turbine exhaust filter, cooling fan inlet filter)

Portable, space efficient design Compact hardware enables a footprint that allows you to ventilate on the go, during intra-hospital transport, while supported by a minimum of 4 hours battery life.

The easy-to-steer transport cart features adjustable height, configurable storage shelves and brackets, silicone handle to grip cables and hoses, and oversized easy roll, lockable wheels.

Settings assist
Use Settings Assist to see ventilation changes before you apply them. Changes in timing, cycling and I:E ratio can be easily overviewed and support you in choosing the best settings for your patient.

Smart user interface
Use the touch screen to access our quick start menu to begin ventilation. Easily configure settings to support your daily patient routine and display desired home screen parameters. The Bellavista 1000 Ventilator can store up to 20 configurable user profiles with 3 always available on screen for quick access. The Bellavista system delivers you the ultimate flexibility so you can focus on the essentials.

Use this dynamic tool to visualize the patient’s lung condition at a glance. The simple graphical interface helps highlight changes in the patient’s lung condition by showing various states of compliance, resistance and spontaneous breathing activity.

VentSummary displays an overview of the most relevant weaning criteria, such as spontaneous breathing, PEEP and pressure support. The limits can be individually configured. As soon as the patient’s respiratory parameters are within the desired range, Vent Summary switches to green and a timer indicates how long the patient maintains your specific extubation criteria.

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 13.5 × 14 × 9 in