Ambu – King LTS-D Disposable Laryngeal Tube, Case of 10

From: $304.99

The Ambu King LTS-D disposable Laryngeal Tube is a simple to use alternative airway device that provides superior patient ventilation. Allowing for the passage of the gastric tube through a separate channel and designed with a straightened, beveled distal tip that assists in directing the airway posterior to the larynx and into the upper esophagus. Due to this unique configuration, there is minimal risk of the device entering the trachea.

These products are sold in cases of 10.

Superior patient ventilation
Highest ventilatory seal pressures due to 360º tissue seal above and below the glottic opening

Best aspiration protection
Balloon seal in esophagus and largest gastric access port (up to 18Fr OG) tube

Superior ventilatory performance
Largest gastric access port down to size 0

Stable during transport and CPR

Improves outcomes
In out of hospital cardiac arrest