Budget-Friendly Renting and Financing Solutions

Shortly after the Covid pandemic began, Master Medical Equipment realized the financial crisis that faced many hospitals, clinics, and first responders. Their budgets were stretched thin, means of income often cut down, and almost every healthcare facility found themselves in dire need of more equipment. Most could not afford the steep price of a brand-new fleet of medical equipment. MME came up with a solution that offers facilities a framework to custom-tailor a plan to satisfy the needs of their patients while also staying within budget.

The solution? JEM Financial, a partner company with MME that allows MME to provide renting and financing options for new and used equipment to customers worldwide. While both give different advantages, renting or financing lets healthcare facilities temporarily boost their equipment over the short term. Customers can later decide to return the unit or pay it off over a budget-friendly period. MME customers can now rent or finance Defibrillators, Monitors, Ventilators, AEDs, Pulse Oximeters, ECG/EKGs, EMS supplies, EMS cots, and IV Pumps. EMS agencies that did not have the budget to purchase equipment for multiple ambulances can now finance all their ambulance equipment without draining the entire budget.

Financing and Renting solve similar problems, with slightly different sets of advantages. If you know it will be a more extended period, Financing offers the lowest monthly cost in exchange for the longer commitment. Financing can also have a buyout term, where you choose to pay off the unit, return the unit, or trade-in for a different model. On the other hand, renting is best when you only need the equipment for a short time. Renting is great for seasonal equipment needs, pandemic response, or short-term fleet boosters. Renting also allows you to try out multiple units before deciding what to purchase or gives you ongoing access to the latest technology.

Both renting and Financing can include tax, service and maintenance, warranty, and shipping costs in the agreement. This means no surprise closing fees or hidden charges. Units always come patient-ready with all the necessary accessories, and our warehouse always has a variety of brands and configurations in stock and ready to ship out. For a quick financing estimate, check out this handy financing calculator. To learn more about how you can take the hassle out of equipment financing, click here or give us a call today!

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Josh Kasper
Lead Marketing Designer, MME
September 14, 2021