GE V Scan Air Overview


Purchasing Points: Suction Units

What’s in The Box?

We’ll start the overview by unboxing the device and reviewing the specific features the VScan offers.

The device comes out of the box with a magnetic case that holds the device inside. The VScan Air has a wireless charging pad and some paperwork outlining the device’s contents. The case has a slim design, making it very capable of being slid into a pocket or a bag, making it perfect for transport. Transport is the key when it comes to the VScan. With remote functionality via Bluetooth, you can easily display ultrasound on IOS and Android mobile devices.

The VScan allows you to observe situations at the point of care, whether in the patient’s home or on the way to the hospital. This device will enable you to perform guided clinical decisions with the vascular access and drainage procedures with the help of the visual scan. Allows 90% of the American College of Emergency Physicians core applications to help diagnose everyday occurrences in patients. Standard exams in pre-hospital settings are a breeze with this device.

The VScan Air CL Ultrasound System consists of a dual-headed probe that integrates both curved and linear array transducers and an app available on Android™ or iOS® mobile devices. This compact device’s pocket-sized portability and simplified user interface make it suitable for professional healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, medical offices, home environments, road/air ambulances, and other environments described in the product user manual.


Security is a priority with the VScan, keeping out intrusions while sharing information a breeze.

• DICOM®, including query from Modality Worklist server, Store to DICOM PACS, receive Storage Commitment
• JPG/MPG exports to shared network folders (supports importing into EMR)
• Share auto-anonymized images with other apps
• Exam data does not go to the cloud and can stay within an organization
• Secure DICOM, including the option of Peer Authentication
• Secure User Authentication
• Password required to access patient data

One tool, multiple solutions

This unique device is easy to use in various ways and has established itself as a stand-out unit.

This device is helpful for basic/focused assessments and adjectively with other medical data for clinical diagnostic purposes during periodic follow-up and triage assessments for adult, as well as pediatric, and neonatal patients. It is also helpful for interventional guidance. VScan Air customers can access the VScan online portal, including access to product and product usage information for various clinical scenarios.

The Vscan also includes imaging modes such as B Mode and Color flow. The device has a linear transducer for shallow scanning, with a frequency range of 3 – 12 MHz and a maximum depth of 8cm. Need a deeper scan? Use the curved transducer, with a frequency range of 2 – 5 MHz and a maximum depth of 24 cm, the VScan can give a clearer reading at a greater depth.

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