Laerdal – Complete SimStart AED Training Solution – 285-00001


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Increased realism with simulated AED and defibrillator monitor

Ideal for in-situ simulation
SimStart is a portable and affordable training solution to simulate the use of an AED or an advanced monitor/defibrillator. Integrate SimStart with any Laerdal manikin, simulator or standardized patient to achieve more comprehensive and realistic simulation training.

Complete SimStart AED Training Solution has everything you need to start training:

  • Monitor/Defibrillator bag
  • Tablet PC
  • LLEAP licence for SimPad PLUS
  • SimPad PLUS operating device

Complete SimStart AED Training Solution:

Track vital signs
Add AED or monitor/defibrillator to your simulation to provide learners with a lifelike learning situation.

Capture data
Capture, store and track progress of every learner. All events are
automatically registered and logged with LLEAP simulation software, providing richer debriefing and reporting.

Improve performance
Realistic training combined with data analysis provides a good foundation for quality improvement initiatives.

Simulated AED and monitor/defibrillator
Integrate SimStart with any manikin, simulator or standardized patient for a more realistic simulation experience.

Wireless operation and control
Plan, run and assess your simulation training with LLEAP simulation software. Control the entire simulation with a SimPad PLUS or Instructor PC.

Easy to use
Quick to set up and easy to use – SimStart is ready when you are. It’s generic interface offers a familiar experience for all learners.

Scenarios for your learning objectives
Use pre-built scenarios from Laerdal for reliable, reproducible simulations. Or create your own.