LTV 1200 Transport Ventilator Unboxing and Review

LTV 1200 transport ventilator

The LTV 1200 from Vyaire, previously branded the Carefusion, Pulmonetics or Viasys LTV 1200, is a premium respiratory ventilator rated for transport and EMS. We want to share what comes in the box with a new or recertified LTV 1200 to make it patient-ready and discuss the features and functionalities that set it apart.

Out of the box, the unit comes with an AC power adapter, a strap hand, a “Christmas Tree” adapter that hooks up to high/low flow oxygen, an operator’s manual, testing certification, and medical device trackingVyaire – LTV 1200 Transport Pack – 19102-001 for your biomed technician. We also recommend the transport pack (pictured right) for added unit safety and carrying convenience. We also offer circuits, filters, and every other accessory you need to keep your ventilator up and running.

One unique safety function of the LTV 1200 is that it comes with a safety precaution so that a user cannot tap the device on/off button once, and the device no longer supports the patient. Instead, hold the power button for 3-5 seconds to turn off the device.

The LTV 1200 has many functionalities, including NPPV (Non-invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation) and a volume function. These functions are easily customizable to fit your doctor’s orders efficiently and clearly.

More functionalities include:
SIMV – Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation
CPAP – Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
Apnea Backup Ventilation
NPPV – Non-invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation

Control Mode:
Control mode ventilation is selected when Assist/Ctrl is selected, and Sensitivity is set to a dash “-.” In Control mode, Volume or Pressure Controlled machine breaths are given at the rate specified by the Breath Rate setting, and no triggered breaths are allowed.

Assist/Control Mode:
Assist/Control ventilation is selected when Assist/Ctrl is selected and Sensitivity is on. In Assist/Control mode, the ventilator guarantees a minimum number of Volume or Pressure Controlled breaths. The patient may trigger additional Volume or Pressure Controlled assist breaths.

SIMV Mode:
SIMV mode is selected when SIMV/CPAP is selected, and the Breath Rate is set between 1 and 80. In SIMV mode, machine, assist, and patient breaths may be given. An assist breath is given for the first patient trigger detected within a breath period. For all subsequent patient stimuli within the same breath period, spontaneous patient breaths or pressure support, if set, are given. A machine breath is provided at the beginning of a breath if no triggered breaths were given in the previous breath period. If there were a patient trigger in the last breath cycle, the ventilator would not provide a machine breath in the current breath period unless the set Apnea Interval is exceeded.

CPAP mode is selected when SIMV/CPAP is selected, and the Breath Rate is set to dashes “- -.” In CPAP mode, a patient breath is given when a patient trigger is detected. Breaths will be Pressure Support or Spontaneous breaths according to the Pressure Support setting.

Non-invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation (NPPV) can be selected as the primary ventilation mode. In the NPPV mode, the ventilator cycles between IPAP (Pressure Support) and EPAP (PEEP). When a patient trigger is detected, a Pressure Support patient breath is given.

Apnea Backup Mode
The LTV® 1200 / 1150 ventilator provides an Apnea Backup mode of ventilation. Apnea Backup ventilation begins when the time since the last breath started is greater than the set Apnea Interval. When an apnea alarm occurs:
If inspiration is in progress, the ventilator cycles to exhalation.
The ventilator begins Apnea Backup ventilation in the Assist/Control mode according to the current control settings. The active controls are displayed fully, and all other controls are dimmed.
The breath rate for Apnea Backup mode is determined as follows:
If the set Breath Rate is greater than or equal to 12 bpm, the Apnea breath rate is the set Breath Rate.
If the set Breath Rate is less than 12 bpm and other control settings do not limit the set Breath Rate, the Apnea breath rate is 12 bpm.
If the set Breath Rate is limited to <12 bpm, the Apnea breath rate is the highest allowed

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Jake Beals
Master Medical Equipment, Writer