Philips Tempus Pro Demo and Overview


Trent Harris, Master Medical Equipment’s clinical sales specialist, has been in the Emergency Medical Service for 25 years as of this year. Trent took some time to go over the features, parameters, and revolutionary design of the New Philips Tempus Pro ALS Solution. View the full video down below.

The Tempus is comprised of two units. The Tempus Pro, and the Tempus LS. These two devices work together and separately to meet the patient’s needs.

On the face of the device, a quick overview of the Tempus Pro is a fully functioning 6.5″ touch screen that carries all the information in color. The Tempus Pro is designed and built to meet the needs of prehospital care professionals. With a slender profile, weighing only 2.9 kg (6.4 lb), the monitor allows you to carry all you need with you to the scene flexibly. The Tempus Pro is also highly durable the unit carries an IP66 rating underlining its suitability for deployment in the most challenging environments. The user interface allows for modifications or accessibility to what information needs monitoring through this touch screen system. On the sides of the device are several connection options. On top of plug-and-play, the Tempus Pro carries plug-and-play Laryngyscope as well as ultrasounds pulse oximetry. The Tempus Pro also has noninvasive and invasive blood pressure, ECG Monitoring, and more. The device also has a 3.2 Megapixel camera to visually.

However, where the Tempus pro shines is its cloud-based information sharing called Corsium. Corsium allows physicians inside the ER to monitor the events happening in real-time. From the Corsium app, physicians can create alerts, make recommendations, and interact with data being monitored as responders are working from wherever they are.

The LS carries a non-touch 5.2″ screen that allows monitoring and defibrillation if needed. This robust and rechargeable lithium-ion battery holds at least 300 shocks at 200 J for an adult patient. The device also comes with a cardiac monitor to guide rescuers during CPR. Combined, these devices allow for broad coverage whenever responders reach a scene.

It is really that simple.

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Trent Harris, 
Clinical Sales Specialist
Master Medical Equipment