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The Sapphire Epidural Infusion Pump is a dedicated, color-coded pain management system for epidural infusions. Specifically designed to accommodate with the needs and limitations of Epidural infusion the Sapphire Epidural provides the complete solution for Epidural delivery.

What's Included:

  • One (1) Q Core Medical Sapphire Infusion Pump
  • One (1) Q Core Medical Sapphire Infusion Pump Mini Cradle – 15042-000-0010
  • One (1) Q Core Medical Sapphire Infusion Pump AC Power Cord – 15070-112-0005
  • One (1) Bolus handle - 15071-00-0005

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One of the newest infusion pumps on the market, The Sapphire Epidural Infusion Pump has a dedicated epidural mode to be the complete solution for epidural delivery.

  • Compact, lightweight device that is intuitive and easy to use
  • Consistent accuracy with robust performance
  • Single solution fits all, for any infusion need
  • Software-driven and built-in adaptability

The following accessories are included with the purchase of the Q Core Medical Sapphire Infusion Pump:

MME offers cases of the infusion sets for the Q Core Medical Sapphire Infusion Pump at the links below.

Additionally, the following accessories are available for purchase with the Sapphire Epidural Infusion Pump:


Dimensions 143 x 96 x 49 mm(5.63 x 3.78 x 1.93 in.) (H x W x D)
Weight(excluding battery) 418 g (14.7 oz.)
Infusion device Volumetric, peristaltic
Pumping mechanism Single-channel volumetric, with integral pressure sensor
Infusion delivery modes PCEA – Patient Controlled Epirdual Anelgasia & Epidural Intermittent
KVO rate Up to 20 mL/h in increments of 0.1 mL/h
Accuracy ±2.5% under normal conditions (per IEC60601-2-24 standard)
Battery Rechargeable Li-Ion battery 7.4V, 1960 mA/h, 24 hrs @ 125 mL/h (with a fully charged battery and backlight Off)

Recharge time: up to 6 hrs (when pump is not in operation)

Flow rate 0.1 – 99.9 mL/h in increments of 0.1 mL/h

100 – 999 mL/h in increments of 1 mL/h

Volume (VTBI) 0.1 – 9999 mL in increments of 0.1 mL
External power supply 100-240V 50-60 Hz, 0.6A
Downstream occlusion Up to 1.2 Bar (17.4 PSI or 900 mmHg)
Air in line sensor A sensor detects single and accumulated bubbles of selectable sizes varying from 0.02 mL – 0.5 mL
Operating temperature +5° (41ºF) to 40°C (104ºF)
Water ingress and dust protection IP24 according to IEC 60601-1-11
Prime Manual or automatic priming (600 mL/h, or from air in line alarm 900 mL/h)

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