Resusci Anne & Simpad First Responder Training Manikin

Kathy Linville, EMS Channel Manager with Laerdal and Trent Harris from MME came together to talk about the features and benefits of Laerdal’s resuscitation manikin, Resusi Anne.

Resusci Anne is a comprehensive Skill Trainer tailored to deliver efficient and robust training in a wide range of ALS scenarios. One of the most prominent is high-quality airway support with a realistic airway design, taking away more guesswork between the classroom and the rescue scene.

The Resusci Family includes youth and pediatric sizes, Resusci Junior and the Resusci Baby. Both models carry parameters that match the type of care needed to rescue a victim of that size.

One of the most exciting things about the Resusci Anne is that rescuers can use oral or nasal pharyngeal pathways to intubate the manikin. The Resusci Anne has a clear and distinct airway that matches humans. Trent gives us a look at this with a Video Laryngoscope.

The Resusci Anne can provide CPR and ventilation feedback through the Smart Trainer System. With this system, rescuers have to adjust their tidal volume to match the requirements with the desired protocol. But being able to provide quality CPR guidance is just the beginning.

The Resusci Anne is designed to be built out. While the manikin only comes with the torso, it is compatible with Laerdal’s arms and legs. These attachments can come in all sorts of configurations. For example, today, Kathy has opted for the IV arm; this arm has the function to run simulated blood or an IV. Kathy is also demonstrating legs that simulate a gunshot wound. This through and through leg wound is fed by tubing, so rescuers can apply a tourniquet to stop the bleeding from the injury and pack it.

The Resusci family is a leading resource in educating thousands of healthcare professionals and laypeople on the process of resuscitation. As part of Laerdal’s commitment to streamlining the learning process, they developed the Laerdal Smart Trainer. This application, as mentioned before, provides a quick and accurate reading of the students’ compressions and breaths. The application can also be used on multiple manakins all synced to one device; displaying CPR data from each student in real-time. The application also gives scores and plays games to make learning about CPR more engaging.

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