Stair Chairs: Purchasing Points

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Stair Chairs are an instrumental piece of modern-day EMS equipment. They help Medics move alert patients up or down stairs while secured to the chair.

The two prominent companies that manufacture stair chairs for the US EMS market are FERNO & STRYKER

There are three main types of stair chairs:

  • Manual chair without tracks
  • Manual chair with tracks
  • Power stair chair

First, FERNO’s stair chair options:
The FERNO Transcend + PowerTraxx (The only battery-powered chair on the market.)

  • Two battery options: the ENDURACharge 36V runs up to 40 flights of stairs per charge, or the
  • Milwaukee 28V lithium-ion battery runs up to 30 flights of stairs per charge. Both are rechargeable.
  • The POWERTraxx Conversion Kit can retrofit powered tracks to the manual Transcend Stair Chair.
  • Stair Bright offers integrated LED scene lights to illuminate surroundings up to 1 flight of stairs with two brightness options.
  • Easy to operate with a wireless controller
  • 550 lb weight capacity aids in bariatric transport
  • Standard features include IV Clip, Extending lift handles, Nylon Restraints, Molded seat and back, 8 in Rear wheels, and 5 in Front swivel wheels.
  • Optional features include Wheel locks, footrest, Extending lift bar, Rear Lift handles, and Glide Bar.

FERNO Transcend Stair Chair (W/O Power Traxx)

  • 550 lb weight capacity
  • Standard features include Headrest, Rear lift handles, and restraint set.
  • Optional features include Wheel locks, Extending lift bar, Footrest, Armrests, Tri-Spoke wheels, Rear lift handles, and a Glide bar.
  • Transcend Carry Chair with NO TRACKS is also available.

Now for Stryker’s Stair Chairs and some of their features:
6252 Manual Chair:

  • Patented Stair-TREAD tacks allow easy evacuation downstairs by a single operator
  • Shown to help reduce the risk of operator injury
  • Adjustable handles, track angle, and built-in descent control enhance safety
  • 500 lb weight capacity


Stryker Model 6254 Evacuation Chair (For Public Access):

The 6254 is a hand-carried, lightweight device, designed for evacuation of disabled or injured persons weighing up to 500 lb from multilevel facilities.
It is intended to aid in the transportation of passengers up and/or down a flight of stairs in an evacuation setting, whether it be for medical conditions, service interruptions, emergencies, and/or accidents. The patented Stair-TREAD tracks allow a single operator to evacuate passengers weighing up to 200 pounds. Two operators can manage passengers up to 500 pounds

  • An extendable handle allows the operator to have a forward-facing, upright posture
  • Foot end lift handles extend, allowing two caregivers to lift an evacuee over obstacles or upstairs.
  • 500 lb weight capacity

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