The Sapphire Infusion Pump: With Trent Harris & Mark Walker

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The Sapphire Multi-therapy Infusion Pump is a highly accurate medical device that delivers medications to patients precisely. This device has become increasingly popular in recent years because of its simplicity, ease of use, and accuracy. The Sapphire pump is used by medical professionals in various settings, from pre-hospital transport to clinical environments. Trent Harris, the Clinical Sales Manager at Master Medical Equipment, and Mark Walker, one of the principal owners of Guardian Group Training, explain why the Sapphire pump is gaining popularity and its unique features. Read on or watch their video below.


This device is simple to operate, a crucial detail for paramedics and EMT professionals. Many IV pumps used in EMS fields are complicated to use and learn, but the Sapphire pump’s interface sets it apart. The pump only has two buttons on its face: a stop button and an on/off button. Additionally, three indicator lights are on the right side of the pump. The top light flashes and sounds an audible alarm when an infusion is interrupted. The middle light is a charge indicator that indicates when the unit is charging, and the bottom light indicates a running infusion. The pump’s touch screen is pressure-sensitive, not heat-sensitive, so it can still be used even when the screen is wet or dirty.


One of the defining features of the Sapphire pump is its accuracy. The pump is accurate to within ± 2.5%, better than the industry standard of ± 5%. This level of accuracy is essential for delivering medications to patients with care and precision, and it is one of the main reasons medical professionals choose the Sapphire pump.

Care areas

Another important feature of the Sapphire pump is that it has 40 different clinical care areas, each of which can hold up to 1000 medications. Medical professionals can put any formulary of any concentration within their drug library and pull up that medication with the touch of a button. This feature allows for easy administration of medications and makes the Sapphire pump an ideal choice for medical professionals who need to deliver treatment quickly and accurately.

Unboxing and important accessories

The pump comes in a box that includes the pump itself, a cradle for holding the device, and a charging cord. The charging cable has a lock on the hub, which prevents damage to the ribbon inside the port. The Sapphire pump has proprietary drip sets, typical of most pumps.

We highly recommend a few additional items to compliment your sapphire pump:

  • A compact EMS case. This case is much more space-efficient than others on the market and even lets you charge the unit while safely stored inside the case.
  • The FERNO triple mount. This triple mount is angled to optimize the interface and interaction with each pump while remaining compact for delivering multiple medications.
  • X-Shear case: This firm protective case further improves durability and ensures the long life of your pump.

The Sapphire pump is a highly accurate and reliable medical device ideal for delivering medications to patients in various clinical settings. Its simplicity, ease of use, and accuracy make it an excellent, cost-effective choice for medical professionals to deliver infusions quickly and precisely.

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