How to use the Lifepak 15

My name is Mitch Nelson, and today I wanted to talk about how to use the Lifepak 15 defibrillator/monitor. This unit comes with many configurations, including manual defibrillation, an AED mode, a CPR metronome to help guide you to ventilate your patient without hypo or hyperventilating them. It also comes with pacing, synchronized cardioversion, non-invasive or invasive blood pressure, 12-lead capability, and a way to manage data on the back end.

The Lifepak 15 is straightforward and easy to use. With one push of a button, you quickly enter each modality. All the buttons are color-coded and laid out top-to-bottom in the order you would use them. For example, in manual defibrillation, the energy select, charge, and shock buttons are organized on a gray background.

For pacing, arranged on the green background, everything is listed in the order of the feature used: turn pacer on, then select rate, then adjust current until you have mechanical capture, then the pause button allows you to print a 6-second underlying rhythm.

The printer is easy-to-use and located in the front of the device. The process of adding paper is simple and carries no risk of paper jams.

Everything for electric therapy to a patient is on the right face of the device. Everything that we receive from the patient as far as monitoring capabilities is on the left. The sidebar contains the connection ports for monitoring: 12-lead, NIBP, end-tidal CO2, and SPO2. The face has buttons for 12-lead as well as controls for transmitting and printing records from the event.

Another thing that makes the Lifepak 15 unique is the CPR metronome. You activate the metronome with a button push that guides you to avoid hyper or hypo ventilating the patient. If you are working with an airway, there are options to adjust child or adult settings with the scroll wheel.

With Master Medical Equipment, we ship everything you need for operation; right out of the box, patient-ready. The unit includes a 1-year warranty, backed by ReNew Biomedical. Where factory-trained, certified biomedical technicians take care of all your needs. We also have an on-site service option, with service vans traveling the nation. Here at Master Medical Equipment, we stop at nothing to ensure our clients get the life-saving products they need; and the knowledge to use these products just as efficiently as they did their old ones.

Mitch Nelson
Senior Sales Consultant, Master Medical Equipment