Cardiac Science – Powerheart 9000 Series Battery


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This Powerheart 9000 Series Battery is an aftermarket replacement battery for use with the following models of Cardiac Science AED:

  • Powerheart 9200RD
  • Powerheart 9210RD
  • Survival Link First Save 9100
  • Survival Link First Save 9110
  • Survival Link First Save 9200
  • Survival Link First Save 9210
  • Survival Link First Save 9200D
  • Survival Link First Save 9210D

The AED’s this battery is used for are no longer carried by Master Medical Equipment, but these aftermarket batteries will be available for a limited time. If you would like to upgrade to a newer model of AED, you can contact us, or order one of our supported AED’s online.