Eitan – Epidural (yellow marked) microbore with non-vented spike, AP402, Case of 30 – 12004-000-0004


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Epidural microbore with non-vented spike.

This purchase includes 30 Epidural Infusion Sets.


Epidural microbore with non-vented spike. This non-vented microbore This purchase includes 30 Epidural Infusion Sets. 

This is compatible with the Sapphire Infusion Pumps:

One of the newest infusion pumps on the market, The Sapphire Epidural Infusion Pump has a dedicated epidural mode to be the complete solution for epidural delivery.

  • Compact, lightweight device that is intuitive and easy to use
  • Consistent accuracy with robust performance
  • Single solution fits all, for any infusion need
  • Software-driven and built-in adaptability

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