Lucas 2 Chest Compression System, 99576-000011 – Physio-Control – Recertified

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The Physio-Control Lucas 2 Chest Compression System is a device designed to help first responders save lives. The chest compression system delivers CPR over a sustained period of time without the loss of performance, which is a common occurrence if CPR is maintained for minutes. The Lucas 2 provides needed chest compressions to sustain the circulation of blood flow throughout the body without the EMS professional’s assistance, which allows them to focus on the other crucial areas during a sudden cardiac event.

This unit is officially recertified by our in-house biomed company, ReNew Biomedical.

*Patient Straps, PN: 11576-000050, not included with purchase.

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The Physio-Control Lucas 2 Chest Compression system is designed to be used anywhere that CPR is necessary whether that is in an emergency in the field or in the hospital.

The Lucas 2 is a device designed to make CPR easier. CPR is exhausting for the person performing it, and the Lucas 2 makes that easier. The Lucas 2 does not need to take breaks nor does it tire as long as the battery is charged. This enables professionals to focus on other aspects of rescue.

The Physio-Control Lucas 2 Chest Compression system is designed to complete 102 compressions per minute with a depth of 2.1 inches. The patients that fit in the Lucas 2 system must have a sternum height of 6.7 inches to 11.9 inches and their chest can be no wider than 17.7 inches. There is no weight requirement for the Physio-Control Lucas 2 to perform its operation.



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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 in

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