Philips OnSite Public Access AED Bundle

Master Medical Equipment is excited to offer this Public Access AED Value Bundle.
MME is dedicated to providing comprehensive, cost-saving AED solutions for businesses and non-profits, while raising awareness for cardiac health.

This bundle offers a NEW or RECERTIFIED option with everything you will need to make your business–regardless of its size–safe environment for your employees and customers.

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Philips OnSite bundle includes:
• One (1) New or recertified Philips OnSite AED
• Two (2) sets of OnSite AED Smart Pads
• One (1) set of OnSite Pediatric AED Pads
• One (1) OnSite Battery
• One (1) AED Wall Cabinet
• AED Carry Case
• One (1) AED 3-D Wall Sign
• One (1) AED Flat wall sign

Our Heart Month Public Access AED Bundle is designed to help any business, big or small, meet their safety needs. Employees will feel safer and more secure knowing that a reliable Philips OnSite AED is just steps away in the event of a sudden cardiac emergency

One of MME’s specialties are AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators), the public version of professional defibrillators, which are easy to use and require little training. AEDs are the perfect safety net for any community setting where there could be a sudden cardiac emergency. Count on us to supply the AED that could save a life!

Individual Components

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    Large AED Wall Cabinet

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  • AED Wall Sign Kit – 8000-0825

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  • Philips FRX Battery M5070A

    Philips – Onsite & FRx AED Non-Rechargeable Battery – M5070A

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  • These are the Philips Adult Smart Pads II by Philips Medical.

    Philips – Onsite AED Adult SMART Pads Cartridge – M5071A

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  • This picture displays the Philips OnSite AED Infant/Child Electrodes - M5072A.

    Philips – OnSite Infant/Child Pads Cartridge – M5072A

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  • Philips HeartStart Onsite AED M5066A – Recertified

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