Recorder Paper 90mm 8000-000877-01 – ZOLL – New

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Zoll M Series Recorder Paper 90 mm Fan Fold, 10 packages

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Fan fold Recorder Paper for  Zoll M Series, R Series and E Series Defibrillator Monitors. Recorder Paper 90 mm Fan Fold, 10 packages per box.

About the Zoll E, M, & R Series Defibrillator/ Monitors 

Zoll E Series:

The ZOLL E Series is a rugged and ready defibrillator intended for use by EMS. This unit offers as many features as you could need. It boasts pulse oximetry (SPO2), non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP), and end-tidal CO2 (EtCO2) and also Real Time CPR® to assist in a sudden cardiac emergency. The Zoll E Series is one of the most rugged defibrillators Zoll has ever released. It is the perfect fit for EMS who need their equipment to work in the most extreme conditions.

Zoll M Series: 

The M Series features the smallest, lightest, brightest defibrillator unit in its class, which means easy handling and optimal viewing. The built-in AC power and battery charger doesn’t add size or weight. The ZOLL Uniform Operating System uses consistent, straightforward controls and intuitive menus that minimize operator confusion and error.

Zoll: R Series:

The ZOLL R Series ALS defibrillator is the first self-check Code Ready defibrillator on the market. ZOLL has produced an easy to use, reliable defibrillator that will go beyond your expectations no matter your needs.s designed with easy-to-use technology to help rescuers provide high-quality CPR and optimal defibrillation and pacing treatments. The R Series features Real CPR Help®technology, real-time audio and visual feedback that supports all types of rescuers.

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Alternate Part#: 8000-0302


  • R Series Defibrillator - Zoll - New

    R Series Defibrillator – Zoll – New

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    R Series Defibrillator – Zoll – Recertified

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    E Series Defibrillator – Zoll – Recertified

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    M Series Defibrillator – Zoll – Recertified

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